ZERO Pulsar


Packed With Features 
Filter cartridege is automatically cleaned by timed airpulse. Pull-through exhaust fan reduces wear on impeller blades. Zero´s unique Air Logic System maximizes airflow to the blast nozzles. Door safety interlocks interrupt blasting if either door is opened. Tough. full-Length gloves protect the operator´s hand and arms. Large window and outside-mounted light allow clear view of work. Blow-off gun clears away dust and media after blasting. Rubberised wear-plate prolongs reclaimer life.      BNP Gun
Zero´s BNP gun sets the industry´s standard for delivering the most cleaning power. The comfortable pistol-grip design reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity during prolonged blasted.      
All Pulsars come equipped to handle most common reclable blast media, from glass bead to coarse aluminium oxide.
All electrical controls for the Pulsar are housed in a control module mounted on top of the cabinet. The control Panel, angled toward the operator, puts the cabinet controls within thte operator´s reach. The outside-mounted light module creates full-view, uniform lighting inside the cabinet, and is easily serviced.

Pulsar III    Pulsar VI
A 3,4 m        A 3,7 m
B 3,0 m        B 3,7 m
C 2,4 m        C 2,4 m

Zero builds Pulsar cabinets to stand up to qears of heavy industrial use. The blast enclosure and support structure are made from 16-gauge and heavier steel. Fromed-in-place stress members prevent cabinet wraping and bucking.

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