ZERO Kit-Cab


Suction type blast cabinet

  • sheet metal enclosure
  • incl. the high performance approved BNP-gun and BNP metering valve
  • media runs in closed circuit for continuous use
  • working pressure adjustable from 1 to 7 bar
  • Door safety-inter-lock - opening of the door automatically interrupts blasting process
  • door including sealing border
  • Safety window including cover lens for protection against wear
  • Hand holes, so that small parts to be blasted can be taken into the cabinet without opening the door
  • grating capacity: 25 kg
  • Suction type blast cabinet:
    Dimensions Wide x Deep x Height (mm)
    Outside : 1000 x 775 x 1710
    Working chamber : 890 x 750 x 390/760
    Door opening : 775 x 330
  • Cartridge type dust collector:
  • equipped with removable blower unit for quick and easy exchange of the filter cartridge
  • manual Jet- cleaning
  • 0,55 kW-Motor - approx. 8 m3/min blower capacity
  • Cartridge : area 7 m2
    - synthetic Cellulose
    - BIA -approved for class U,S,G &C
  • easy removal and emptying process of the dust drum
  • Cartridge type dust collector:
    Dimensions Wide x Deep x Height (mm)
    Outside : 630 x 600 x 1480

This means:

  • Blast cabinet plus cartridge type dust collector as a package
  • Partial Pre-assembled for easy and rational set -up
  • easy handling achieves highest performance

Air consumption for blasting process:      

  • Blast pressure       3 bar                 5,5 bar             7 bar      
  • Air consumption     0,4 m3/min     0,6 m3/min     0,75 m3/min     6 mm Ceramic nozzle as standard

Suitable abrasive media: Glass beads, Aluminium Oxide, etc.
User: companies with low blasting requirements e.g. handymen, maintenance shop/department
Scope of application: cleaning, roughening, de-rusting, smoothening of small parts


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