CQP and CFP Coupling Made of Nylon


CQP and CFP Coupling Made of Nylon

Our nylon couplings are produced with high precision and therefore they are easier to mount. We are using only the best raw materials in our production and this guarantees a high lifetime even after long working days.

Area of application suitable for different hose sizes

Blasting pressure 0 < > 12 bar

Operating temperature -15°C < > +50°C


item # description size

94350D CQP-3/4 PLASSTIC COUPLING FOR 19 X 7 for hose 19 x 7 mm

08412D CQP-1 COUPLING 25 X 7 for hose 19 x 7 mm

08413D CQP-2 COUPLING 32 X 8 for hose 32 x 8 mm

08414D CQP-3 COUPLING FOR HOSE 38 X 9 for hose 38 x 9 mm

07714D CQP-4 COUPLING FOR 42 X 9 for hose 42 x 9 mm, 40 x 10 mm

07716D CFP COUPLING 1¼” 1¼” fine thread

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